Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jindabyne (Day 4)

Had a nature imposed camera ban today. It was blue skies and sunny in the town, but the mountains had disappeared behind a white curtain which meant only one thing, snow! Sure enough, when we got there the car park was white and it was pelting down. Left the camera in the car and snowboarded for 5 hours straight. As it's still early in the season, the cover is a mixture of favourable powder in parts and unforgiving ice in others. At one point I was coming round a section, just in time to have Jayden come flying off a ledge and land right on top of me, sending us both cartwheeling down the hill. The lifts were empty due to the weather, and there were no lines, so we did a lot in 5 hours, and by early afternoon we were spent and heading back early. Snapped the above pic just outside of town, where the bad weather was meeting the sunshine. What the pic doesn't show is the whiteout behind me, and the fact that the wind was blowing so hard that there were little waves in the lake. At midday we reached the forecasted toasty high of -1 c on the mountain!

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