Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jindabyne (Day 1)

We have arrived! After travelling all day, we pulled into the town of Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains at 4pm. The drive from Sydney was great, and after only a couple U turns we found ourselves here with no map and no GPS. We're staying with Anne Gray from Currumbin, who runs a beautiful lodge down here called Chamonix right in the heart of town. It's currently -2 and we're in front of the fire. For bookings ring Anne Gray on 0414341987.
Lightsphere update for all you techno wizzes; I pulled out the Lightsphere a couple times, but did find it a bit cumbersome to just whip it out, as you have to kinda strap it on etc, and it does feel stupid. My impression so far, in a confined space, i.e. indoors with a low enough ceiling to bounce a light off, doesn't really have anything over a Stofen. Outdoors I still think it can be pretty cool. It definately provides a bigger lightsource, and the amber dome can provide a real nice light against afternoon sun.
In the shots here: Interior of Car (Lightsphere with silver dome) Jayden overlooking valley (Lightsphere with Amber dome) Gloria Jeans Jindy (Lightspere with Amber dome).

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