Monday, June 29, 2009

Jindabyne (Day 2)

Woke to the smell of our host Anne cooking up a big breakfast. Heidi and I went to have coffee while the kids tried to kill each other (pictured) After our caffeine fix we headed to Time 2 Ride in town, where DC Shoe had organised our gear. Che and the boys there are real cool and had us decked in a jiffy, and before long we headed off in the direction of the mountains. Traveller tip: You will need a $185 pass to get your car onto the mountain for the week, but for only $5 more you can get an annual pass, which is valid for all of NSW national parks and includes a camping permit. So we got it in our own vehicle at home, then got a 7 day exemption for our hire car! On the mountain the snow was real fun and were carving down the walls of white in no time. I left my camera in the car so I could find my feet before having it on me.
Lightsphere update: Didn't use it today too much, it's pretty bulky.

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  1. Way cool pix Ken - hope you have a blast.