Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jindabyne (Day 5)

Snow, snow and more snow. Not much else to say. Camera was safe in the car, and the Lightsphere never made it out of the lodge. The road up the mountain was closed to all cars except those with snowchains and 4wd vehicles. Luckily our hire car eats conditions like this for breakfast and we cruised up and back. Heidi took the above shot on the way up as I was driving.
The wind chill was reportedly -15c and the wind was gale force. We played to our hearts content as the crowds were few and far between. Felt good to get back to the lodge and get warm again though. Was so cold that I had problems with ice freezing in my bindings resulting in my back foot coming out on the top of the mountain. Had to go down the whole way with only one foot strapped in. 5 minutes at the repair shop fixed it though.
Hoping to get some more photos in, but the weather looks like more of the same tomorrow. At least the snow cover is thick and really fun for boarding.

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