Saturday, June 27, 2009

Got marched off to the laundromat today. Apperently I'm responsible for us not having a dryer, and as such, if we are going away and clothes need to be packed, I have to go dry them. Go figure
I took my camera along to pass the time as I always thought laundry machines where photogenic. Am I strange?....hmmm
Anyway, all good now, warm clothes ready. Got home in time for my son and I to squeeze in one last surf out the front, then threw our clothes together for the snow.
Got a message from my good mate MC who has teed up our snowboards etc through DC Shoe. So stoked! Thanks MC and DC, drinks on me next time.
Having dinner @ Smithy's boatshed, then up at 5am to make our flight.
Next post from somewhere much colder than here. Report today says a high of -2 c. Should be fun!

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