Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Gold IP Project

Last year I got to work on a series of shots for Gold IP, a brand leader in the intellectual property (IP) legal industry.  Amongst other specialist work in technology, media, and sports law,  they are also the go-to guys in protecting creations by inventors, artists across all mediums, writers and anyone that has made something that needs to be protected as far as copyright.
The images were intended for print, display and web campaigns, and I was honored to be involved as they obviously have a number of creatives on their books nationally.
During the creative meeting I was impressed by their dedication to have all original works and not go near stock images at all. Another thing that was fantastic was them giving me the time and financial budget in order to produce the final images.
I had just read Annie Leibovitz' latest book "At Work" and was really inspired by her black and white portraits and the tonal depth she is renowned for, and used that inspiration for this project, all the way from the initial drawing of the mood boards to the final processing.
Check out the Gold IP website here.

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