Monday, June 14, 2010

3 of My (current) Favourite Things

For fellow photogs out there, here are 3 things I'm digging lately:
  • Dropbox ( Being able to upload files by syncing a drive on the computer is awesome, and probably the best way I've found so far to deliver images online. You can share folders using a unique email link for each folder, and your recipient can download them, saves heaps of time.
  • Billings 3 ( I've just started using the program Billings for all my accounting, and so far I've found it to be AMAZING. You can use a timer for tasks to accurately track your work in progress, enter activity slips for each client, then raise a bill when you want to. The reports module ties everything all together, and if that wasn't enough, you can sync it with your iPhone for when you are on location. So much easier and more relative for creatives than MYOB. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I got mine from the Apple store for $69AUD!
  • My custom made lighting case. I used a Stanley "Fat Max" giant toolbox, removed the inside molded compartments, lined it with molded foam and now have a watertight case to house 3 strobe heads, all the cables and attachments. It's key lockable, and my foam lining ensures nothing moves out of place and can be flipped upside down without disturbing anything. I've attached some iPhone pics, check it out.