Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's what you do on the way that gets you paid

Been doing a lot of networking lately with other industry people, doing the "rounds" so to speak. Namely advertising agency ceative directors and promotional representitives. During one of these networking meetups, I was talking with someone about what people are actually paying for, is it the equipment I own, my ability to focus, my knowledge of lighting properties and shaping light? To a certain extent, yes. But are those things essentially what people pay for? Absolutely not. Here's why:
Taking a photo is actually pretty easy. Most photos are taken with up to 3 lights max, some technical knowledge of camera and lenses, and click! in as fast as 1/8000th of a second, you have your image...pretty simple huh?.
Now, if you're one of those that think that if you get all the same gear, punch in the same settings, and you're going to achieve some great shots and get paid a decent amount, you gonna be pretty disappointed. And the reason why is that clients aren't paying you for that. On that level photography is incredibly easy.
What you're being paid for is what you dont use the second you click that shutter. The planning, concept, research, direction etc etc, all the way up to the point that you push the button to capture it. That is what makes you a pro.
Take the photo above for example, one light, one click of the shutter. Model Kaylyn's shirt said "All the Plans We Made Are Going to Fail". Luckily for us her shirt was wrong.
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