Friday, April 23, 2010

Artist Profile: Jordan Jansen

You never know who's watching. Got an email out of the blue from New York agency Electric Feel Management. They had just signed a young Australian artist named Jordan Jansen and wanted me to shoot his promo pics for his US promo. After reading the email I realised Jordan lives around where I do, and is in the same class as my daughter in school! Small world!
Initially thinking that I was refered by Jordan or his family here, I later found out that they had never heard of me and the referral came from the US! So I'm thinking I gotta thank my web and marketing guru Mike. Thanks Mike!
The shoot went fantastic, and its great working with someone who is a natural performer.  Gotta thank Electric Feel Management and of course Jordan and his family for working with me on such short notice.
P.S Jordan, thanks for tweeting me a shoutout to your 11000 plus followers on twitter!

Final images to be released soon!

Stay tuned for more from Jordan, word is he's gonna be huge!

For the Techies here is the equipment list of what I used:
Canon 1DsMkIII
Canon Lenses, 17 - 40mm, 50mm, 20mm
Gridded Alien Bee AB800 hooked up to a Vagabond II battery pack
Triggered by Cybersyncs


  1. Hey , thats cool! i love that pic !