Monday, February 8, 2010

Storytelling In:Series

As I eluded to in a previous post, Mike our web guy here at KSP and I have been working on ways to get out the work for your enjoyment beyond delivering our commercial product to our clients.
They say that great photographers need to be great story tellers, and often out of all the frames I'll shoot, only one or two will have a life beyond sitting on a disk drive.
In order to storytell a bit more, and share some of these images with you, we've built a new page onto the KSP website, called "In:Series". This page will contain picture tales narrated by imagery which when you look at it all together, tell a certain story that I hope you will find interesting.
You can view the new In:Series page here.
This first Series is with a friend of mine on the East side of the island of Oahu in Hawaii named Debbie. I stayed as a guest with her and her husband Ivan and their 2 boys Christian and Allen while I was over there in Jan.
You can view my blog post with more pics from Hawaii here

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