Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Dare's a Dare

This is a cosmopolitan. I had heard of one but never knew exactly what it was. A couple hours ago I tweeted that I had checked into a hotel on a trip I'm on and was dared on Twitter by Wuthy, AKA Gold Coast Journalist Robyn Wuth to order one. Now, a dare is a dare at any time, but when dared on a open social network, backing down is no option. So Wuthy, dare complete. I knew you being a journalist and all would need an element of authenticity, so I took an iPhone pic and threw my card in there as a "proof of life". Cheers!


  1. And??? Did it taste good? Did you go back for seconds? Did men in gold lame' pants approach you? Love your pics btw. :)

  2. yummmm! this is my fav cocktail xxx